Running Trade Camping Barbecue Cookware Set

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The Running Trade Camping Barbecue Cookware Set includes 7 essential items.


  • Size of the bag:14.5*8.7*2.2 inch
  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Cutting Board: while small, it works great for limes if you are making margaritas!
  • Knife: made of SS 410, not the best in the world, but sharp enough.
  • Spatula: made of SS 201, the “flipper” is relatively small, but it will get the job done. Perfect for pancakes, hamburgers or eggs.
  • Scissors: great shears can be used as a bottle opener.
  • Ladle: made of SS 201, one of the best items in the kit. Perfect for serving chili or beans!
  • Tongs: made of SS 201, work great for turning the meat, and green salad
  • Fork: made of SS 201, great for hot dogs, or steaks.
  • Bake spatula: made of SS 3CR13, also serve butter best.

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